Monday, 25 January 2010

PMC Class

On Saturday i attended PMC Class which i have been very excited about and have finally been able to do, for people how don't know what PMC is it stands for Precious Metal Clay, basically it looks and feels like clay and you can shape and mould it to what ever you want but then this amazing thing happens to it when you fire it turns to Silver and this is proper Silver that can be Hallmarked as 925 Silver. Anyway getting back to my class it was very interesting day we started of with demonstration on how best to handle the clay when using it and the tutor gave some interesting tips, then there was the fun part where we have a go i made pair of small earring and pendant. After lunch we where then shown how to make a ring the reason for this techniques is that when clay is fired it shrinks slightly so there is bit of technique to the way it is done so that size of the ring is correct.
I had a grate day learing about this material up to now i haven't been brave enough to go it alone maily because of the cost and getting the firing right, i have learnt a lot from it and hoping to incorparate some of this PMC into my Jewellery designs. There is no picture of my ring at the moment as its being polished for super bling.

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