Friday, 11 December 2009

Ladies Evening

OK so the Ladies Evening wasn't such a success this time it was very quite i think some of this was down to it being in the week and at night when no body wants to come out, its shame as i have done couple there now and they have been grate success oh well I'm now done for Christmas now it has been good i have met a lot of people crafters and organisers and hopefully some of this will lead to more craft events next year, in the mean time i have given myself 'to do list' 1. Find and Book PMC course (this one has been done already) 2. make some more stunning items (i have some in mind) 3. Get some price labels made for my jewellery and business cards 4. look for some better quality gift boxes 5. Finish my project off (this as been on going for six months) 6. reorganise my bead cupboard (i have new boxes) 7. make some little items with the fabric i bought 8. list new items in both my shops 9. look up events for next year 10. sort out some insurance for crafts

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