Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Craft Fair

I was at a Craft Fair this weekend at Whitchurch Civic Hall, not a bad day did make a rather good profit which I'm very happy with specially after i was not going to go as i found out there was another seven jewellery stalls, but when i got a moment to breath i did go and have a look around and the jewellery that most people where selling was imported items which where defiantly not handmade, a part from me there was another three stalls selling handmade so i did feel a bit better knowing my jewellery was selling and these not handmade jewellery stalls where not. it is a good feeling people do know what quality looks like. i have one event left now and this is Ladies Evening which will be at Willaston Hall at 6:00pm this Thursday I'm hoping this will be grate event it has been in the past and then i can rest till the new year. I have just booked a PMC class which i will be doing in the new year I'm so excited i have been wanting to do this for while now so really looking forward to it, cant wait now.

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AMIdesigns said...

Well done on your sales and good luck for your last event.