Saturday, 9 May 2009

What Price Would you Pay?

This Necklace is one i have made and really like although im having trouble pricing it i was thinking about £15.00, how much would you pay?
The materials used are ceramic beads, silver plated beads and silver plated chain and clasp as soon as i have rough idear i will be selling it in my shop.


Hats and More said...


I think you are spot on with the price. I would not go much lower.

lej jewellery said...

i think the price is fine

CGGE said...

I agree. I wouldn't price it any lower, those ceramic beads are fab.

Jean said...

I agree, do not go lower. I price my stuff for sale as one third for materials (that includes the fees to Misi/folksy and PayPal), one third for my time and one third for me. Not very scientific but it seems to work and although I am not getting rich enough to retire, I am happy that people buy my stuff!!!
The necklace is lovely by the way.

JD By Laura said...

thanks for your comments jean, i have some more things to add to my shop so might try this method i only ever add the cost of the materials and a little extra ontop i never put my time on the price maybe i should.