Sunday, 10 May 2009

Big Bead Fair

Hi if you are like me and love beads and buying them then you might be interested in knowing there is Bead Fair on Sunday 24th May, 10:00am till 4:00pm at Nantwich Civic Centre
i have been quite a few times now as this is very close to where i live, but this year is meant to be the biggest one so far with jewellery suppliers from all over the region if you want to look at what suppliers will be attending then go to: its well worth going you wont be disappointed but be warned have a figure of how much you want to spend or you will end up spending hundreds and get there early this way you can have a good look round at what everyone is selling and compare prices before it gets too busy.


jolicious said...

Nantwich! My mum and dad are in Winsford - visit when we can - I'm in London. Why are these things never on when I'm visiting!!!!!

JD By Laura said...

well theres always next year, and if your in London im sure there's more going on down there.