Saturday, 14 May 2011

Holiday in Edinburgh

For Easter this year i decided to go on holiday with my mum to Edinburgh. I have been to Edinburgh once before when i was at Uni and ever since then have wanted to return. It's also where my jewellery fetish first started and of course there where couple of bead shops i wanted to visit.

The first bead shop i went to was The Bead Bead Shop: I have wanted to visit this shop for very long unfortunately i didn't have enough time to go on course that they do there but never the less i got to buy beads. There is also just down the road on the left a fantastic little Chocolate shop/ cafe i had the most amazing cup of hot chocolate perfect as the weather was bitterly cold that day. i also bought some chocolate to take home with me you won't be disappointed if you go here although its bit far from main shops we went by car and took the Sat nav there is parking on side of the road.

The other bead shop which is must is rather big shop with plenty of choice and space to walk around they also have courses but unfortunately none where running the week i was visiting still gives me excuse to go back. parking is little tricky around there it's more residential. again not in centre of Edinburgh we went by car and Sat Nav.

I would say if your bead mad like me this is must if your visiting Edinburgh but you might want to work out where you are in relevant to where these places are as there could be some walking needed or go by car if you have one allot easier.

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