Thursday, 19 May 2011

Bead Fair - Nantwich Cheshire Part 2

The Bead Fair in Nantwich on Sunday was grate fun although standing in rain to get in wasn't much fun but on plus side wasn't waiting too long. The fair this year had got even bigger with upstairs as well this year i found this out when queueing to get in the lady behind was telling her friend so that was nice surprise. i got lots of fab beads and didn't have to spend silly amount of money. when i go to these events it suddenly dawns on me how many other people like bead as i do and how popular jewellery making has become every year.

I'm off to The Big Bead show in Telford next month (although don't need any beads now lol) still wont stop me spending. I have been waiting for over seven years now to be able to attend this event this is the first year they have arranged event up north, i really hope it will be good day. Is anyone else going?

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