Saturday, 31 July 2010

New Family Members

I'm now the owner of two tabby cats one is two years old called Ico and the other is 5 month Kitten called Edward (mother and son) i only got them last night so there still settling in Edward doesn't seem to be too fazed and is exploring the house but Ico has found shelf in one of our cupboards and has been there all day getting little worried about her she is friendly enough just won't come out have tried persuading her with treats, food and toys but think some of the problem could be we have dog, now she is very good dog and all she wants to do is play and the cats have come from home that had dog as well but she won't budge, Edward is not too bad if our dog comes too close he will hiss and he has hit her on the noise and i must say Dot (dog) handle that really well and just backed off didn't bark or gruel at him, just hope it gets better or may have to consider other options
Ico above, Edward below


lisbonlioness said...

Hey, how are the little cuties settling in? :)

Laura said...

Hi there doing really well now, Ico is not hiding anymore and Edward is into everything. They are now allowed outside and they love it. Edward is getting better around my dog but Ico is still not sure about her. If you have any handy tips i would love to know as i haven't had cats before. although the scratches on the funiture is not grate!!