Sunday, 1 November 2009

Craft Fair People and Lampwork Artist's

While i was at the Craft Fair last weekend i met some other crafter's hows work i thought was grate and thought i would share with you below is the link to there page: Decorative Crafts by Sarah Clitheroe - Unique Hand - Decorated Gift Items: Hand Made Glass and Mosaic designes by Jackie Coyle: Specialising is Portraits by Kirstie Turner: I also use a lot of lampwork beads in my Jewellery and as i cant make them yet and have to by them from other lampwork artist i thought it was about time i gave them some recognition for there work as well: VeeBeads by Vicki Bowring: Lala lampwork beads by Helen Mitchell: Tillybeads by Gail: I also like to buy my beads from Georgiebee but she doesn't have a web site at the moment can be found on ebay.

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