Monday, 27 July 2009

I'm Back

Hi everyone, this past few weeks has been a bit of nightmare my computer had died and its taken three weeks for the computer man to let me know that there was no way it could be fixed something to do with the mother board, but now i have a new computer so hopefully now i can get back to normal it was my birthday a few weeks ago and asked everyone for money i have seen a course on Precious Metal Clay which i have wanted to do and now can finally get round to doing it just need to book it now, my jewellery selling is going rather well at the moment i did a Ladies evening a few weeks ago which went well i sold more jewellery in four hours then i did at some of the craft fairs i had been to the laddie how organised it has invited me back to do one at Christmas i was also asked if i would do a house party for someone this should be in the next few weeks, and i am at a summer fair this weekend so fingers crossed for that although this is going well i still haven't sold anything on my shop just wondering if its worth having it? I'm off to the international cheese show in Nantwich tomorrow I'm one of the stewards there and have to help the judges just hope its a good day and we get nice weather every year i go it rains.

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