Saturday, 23 May 2009

Storage Solution

Like most people i have found it hard to find proper storage space as you can see this is how i use to store all my beading items, not very organised and very hard to find things i did have look round shops for something that would be good enough to store all my bits and pieces but gave up in the end. i decided to speak to my brother as he is a joiner i asked him if he could create something that i could store all my things in and he did (see picture below) i was very impressed and now i have my new 'beading cupboard' its fantastic i know where everything is and can find everything straight away.
Big thank you to my little brother David. xx
This is what my brother made for me, he is very clever. its also a lot fuller then this now.


Linden said...

Super storage space! And it's not dissimilar to the one my husband made for us last year; it does make life so much easier just knowing where everything is and being able to get at it easily. My boxes were all piled up on the craft table before, not ideal!

JD By Laura said...

At least im not the only one how has had problems with storage, the problem i have now is its not big enough i have way too much stuff, Thanks for the comment.