Thursday, 21 May 2009

Morocco Holiday

Hi everyone i came back from Morocco about three weeks ago and have finally got round to putting some of my photos on the computer and i thought i should share some of them with you, i went to Agadir in Morocco and had a lovely time they have lots of tourist in there but not many of them are English. the picture on the left is me in Marrakesh we decided that we would have to visit this city while we where there and what experience it was the only way to describe it was dirty, smelly, manic, terrifying and interesting i have never seen a city like it there where snake charmers, belly dancers, story tellers and of course the famous souks and these souks where the terrifying bit they are small little ally ways of shops all crammed in together with lots of people around and motor bikes driving through these ally ways and if you don't get out the way they wont stop. anyway i hope i haven't put anyone off its an experience and I'm glad i did it we went with a tour guide how was female and from Maraketch they find this very strang in Maraketch as women should not be working like this but if you do go there its an essential having tour guide. Even with the scary parts its a lovely city in its own way but going for a day was enough for me.
The picture below is me and my mum she wont be happy when she knows she is featured on my blog (he he) here we are in the city of Essaouria we visited this city after Marrakesh and its a beautiful city and very calm it was invaded by the Portuguese and there for has that sort of Portugal feel to it,
every one is very pleasant and you don't get hassled as much here. If i was to go back to Morocco i would come and stay in this city.
Finally my favorite picture is the Goats in the trees, yes that is what i said they climb the Argan tress to eat the fruit that is growing on them, as you drive through the Atlas Mountains you see lots of these goats and i think its quite funny to see so i thought i would share it with you.

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